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Conference proceedings

ISEE post-conference proceedings (high quality, 31 MB)

ISEE post-conference proceedings (low quality, 10 MB)

Keynote presentations

Introduction to ISEE (Wolfram Schmidt)

The right material for each job – the need for a toolkit of cements (John Provis)

Engineering skill requirements to cope with the local and global challenges of the future (Wolfram Schmidt)

International research networking and the role of Africa within the international research community (Mark Alexander)

Engineering design: an approach towards sustainable site-specific solutions with global considerations (Daman Panesar) 

Crossroads: sustainable infrastructure + entrepreneurship + online Engineering education in 21st Century Africa (Murray Metcalfe)

The discipline to pursue less (but better) (Tina Nyamache) 

Reflections on the civil engineering curriculum for engaged social development in the 21st century (Yunus Ballim)

Fostering innovation through research and education for infrastructure development: a call for synergy between town and gown (Kolawole Adisa Olonade)

Educational Tools and Curricula Development for the Advancement of Engineering Education in Africa (Funso Falade)

Appropriate high level physics solutions in developing countries – a cooperative approach to bridge scientific education and engineering (Robert Tchitnga)

Networked and unified innovation system roadmap for African smart, green and integrated development in the 4th Industrial Revolution (Mammo Muchie)

Workshop presentations

Global and local challenges and/or potentials in construction

Potentials for sustainable construction based on education

Future skill requirements in civil engineering, architecture and materials

Global research and education requirements

African research and education requirements

Contemporary teaching methods

Gender issues in STEM education

Language and communication barriers